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Car Removals Brisbane

Letting a scrap car waste away on your yard is a waste of space and money. Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane offers instant cash for your old non-usable cars that you can use towards the purchase of your new one while freeing up the much needed space where that old one was parked for no reason at all as well.

Cash for Cars Brisbane

Is your old non-usable car rusting in the garage or that driveway with there being no chance of it being resurrected at all? Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane not only offers free doorstep evaluation for your old broken cars but also offers fast instant cash on the spot once all the paperwork is finished removing the car from your parking in the process.

Scrap Car Removal

Tired of seeing that good for nothing old car parked in your garage, driveway or parking area, call us for your Scrap Car Removal service that will arrive at your door in no time at all in or near Brisbane promising to take that scrap away emptying the much needed parking space and paying you attractive amount of cash instantly as well.

Junk Car Removal

Has that old junk car been lying around in your garage or parking area for too long without ever getting used at all? Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane offers high quality Junk Car Removal services where we pay you instant cash for your non-used cars taking them away and putting them to their best possible use with our expert channels.

Free Car Removal

Don’t need that good old rusty car anymore? Get Free Car Removal services from Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane and never have to worry about paying anything for towing or transporting your old cars anywhere at all. We come to your door in or around Brisbane and remove that uninviting old car from your driveways or garages instantly.

Old Car Removal Brisbane

More often than not individuals find themselves with old junk cars sitting on their property. Why not get them removed from Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane and get surprisingly high amount of instant on spot cash paid for them and have your old car parking space freed up as well in the process. That is just what we offer in or near Brisbane.

Cash For Car Removal Brisbane

Just because your vehicle doesn’t work anymore doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with it. Turn your broken down, damaged or even just outdated vehicle into cash quickly and easily. We give you a great way to turn your ride into cash that you need with top cash quote offers. We also provide vehicle removal completely free. Full service, fast cash and your total satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us today to request a quote, book a pick up or get more information for your area. Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane is your most reliable and trustworthy option when looking for highest instant cash payouts for your old junk vehicles guaranteeing safe and efficient handling for them after collection as well.

Get your junk cars turned into instant cash that you can use for your next vehicle purchase with our top quality Cash for Cars Removal services in or near Brisbane. Our high quality services also include free doorstep inspection of your vehicle and no added costs or charges for vehicle towing as well. Just call us now and we will take that old good for nothing vehicle away from your parking spaces, garages or driveways freeing up the space for you efficiently.

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Cash for Car Removal Brisbane

Car wrecking and removal anywhere in Brisbane is quick and easy with Cash For Cars Removal Brisbane. We offer the best cash quotes and include free removal services to all our customers. Whether you have a car, 4×4, van or truck, we can turn them all into cash for you. We’re just a phone call away.

At Cash For Cars Removal Brisbane, we take the hassle and stress of waiting for an online bid to come through on your vehicle. Let us give you a quote and convert your old vehicle into much needed cash today. Our Brisbane cash for cars service is the easiest and quickest way to get what you need for your vehicle. Call us at 07 3059 9780 for a free cash quote or fill up our form to the right to find out how much you can get for your car today.

No matter what the make or model, the condition it’s in or the age, our Brisbane removal team will pick up your vehicle- even if it’s too old or broken down to move. No cash? No worries! We’ll give you the best cash offer and take the vehicle off your hands for you for free! Call us at 07 3059 9780 for a free cash quote or fill up our form to the right to find out how much you can get for your car today.

Our car wreckers service all the areas and suburbs within Brisbane- from Ipswich to Logan City, Toowoomba to the Sunshine Coast- we’ve got you covered. We also have car wreckers and removal services along the Gold Coast. Give us a call today to schedule a pick up or get a quote. You won’t regret it.

Cash For Cars Toowoomba

Cash For Cars Removal Brisbane has car wreckers and removal services that cover all the areas within the Toowoomba region- from Birnam to Wilsonton Heights and everywhere in between. And no vehicle is too old or too damaged to be considered for a quote. All you have to do is ask. So whether your car is a bucket of rust or your truck is just too old to move, give us a ring and we’ll take it off your hands for you at the best cash for car offer. And you won’t even have to worry about disposing of it because we’ll remove it for free. Now isn’t that something to crow about?

To get your free cash quote, schedule a removal or just get more information, call us at 07 3059 9780 or fill out the form to the right. You won’t regret it.

Cash For Cars Sunshine Coast

If your vehicle is anything but bright and shiny and more of a rusty bucket of nuts and bolts, you don’t have to look so glum.  Cash For Cars Removal Brisbane will take almost any vehicle in almost any kind of condition. And even if it won’t start, you won’t have to worry because our service, in addition to top notch cash quotes, includes free vehicle removal service. So say goodbye to your exhausted 4×4, bid farewell to your rundown van, wave goodbye to your tired truck, kiss your crusty old car adieu- and say hello to cold hard cash!

And while we do have a list of vehicle brands that we regularly dismantle and remove, don’t worry if you don’t see your vehicle’s brand there. Give us a call at 07 3059 9780  or fill up the form to the right to find out if we will take it. You never know- your obscure car may be worth more than you thought.

Cash For Cars Logan

Disposing of a troublesome vehicle can be quick and painless with Cash For Car Removal Brisbane’s fast cash quote and free removal services. We service all the suburbs of Logan from Berrinba to Yarrabilba and everywhere in between.  So if you have a car, 4×4, van or truck that has just been gathering dust in your garage or driveway, turn it into cash in a flash. Call 07 3059 9780 or fill out the form to the right to find out how.

Cash For Car Ipswich

Who said there was nothing to be gained from a rusty old car? At Cash For Car Removal Brisbane, you can trade in your broken down and rusty old vehicle into quick cash. And what’s even better is we’ll take it off your property for free! We service all the suburbs of Ipswich from Amberly to Yamanto and every place in between. We’ll give you a top cash quote right away to help you liquidate that vehicle that’s been parked in your garage for way too long. All you need to do is to call 07 3059 9780 or fill out the form to the right to get your quote right away. And if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us there as well.

Cash For Cars Gold Coast

Turning trash into treasure has never been this quick and easy. Cash For Cars Removal Brisbane can help you dispose of your car, van, 4×4 or truck faster than any auction or online medium. We give cash quotes, up to $6,000, and it always comes with free removal service. How’s that for efficient? We take almost every vehicle you can imagine- even the obscure ones. If you can’t find the name of your model in our list of regular ones that we handle, don’t worry. All it takes is a quick call at 07 3059 9780to find out if we’ll take it. You can also fill up the form on the right to inquire as well as get a cash quote.

And if you need a car wrecker outside of the Gold Coast area, we have car wreckers that service Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Logan and Ipswich as well. A helpful, efficient, and friendly crew in those areas will be able to handle your requirements just as quickly.

Cash for Cars Gold Coast and Brisbane

Cash For Cars Removal Brisbane offers quick cash for cars all over the areas of Gold Coast and Brisbane. So whether your car is a clunker that you can barely drive to the market or a rusty old heap that you have no idea how to dispose of, our cash for cars is the easiest and quickest solution for converting your troublesome autos into much needed cash.  Just call 07 3059 9780 to find out more about how cash for cars works or to get a free quote on your vehicle. You can also submit the form on the right to get your quote quickly.

Our cash offers are fair and we take just about any type of vehicle in just about any condition- from cars to 4x4s to vans to trucks- we’ll take them all off your hands for you. You get the cash and we’ll haul them away totally free. Isn’t than an awesome deal?

4×4 Wreckers Brisbane and Gold Coast

If your 4×4 is performing like a 2×2 these days, you might want to consider selling it. But rather than going through the waiting of posting in online or through an auction, why not give us a call instead. Contact Cash For Car Removal Brisbane through 07 3059 9780or by filling up the form to the right. We give you the best cash for cars offers- and that includes your 4×4! And what’s even better is that not only will we give you the best cash offers- up to $8999 for your unit- but we also to the removal for you completely free of charge. Now how’s that for top notch service?

Anywhere in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, even Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast- if you need to turn your  vehicle into much needed cash, give us a call. We’ll be waiting for you to give us a ring.

Here are some of the 4x4s we regularly remove and recycle. If you don’t find your model on the list, don’t worry. Contact us to find out if we’ll take it. What have you got to lose?

BMW X5 – Ford Territory – Honda CR-V – Hyundai Santa Fe – Jeep Wrangler Rubicon – Kia Sorento – Land Rover Discovery – Mitsubishi Pajero – Mitsubishi Triton – Nissan Navara – Peugeot 4007 – Range Rover Vogue – Suzuki Grand Vitara – Toyota Hilux – Toyota LandCruiser


Truck Wreckers Brisbane

If your truck was involved in an accident and is beyond repair or if the one you own has become too dilapidated and costly to upkeep, you should consider disposing them through Cash For Cars Removal Brisbane’s network of truck wreckers throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast. You don’t have to be stuck with a hunk of junk. Turn that pile of metal into good, useful cash quickly and efficiently. Not only do we offer the best cash quotes for your units, we’ll even remove them from your property completely free of charge. That’s a sweet deal, don’t you think?

Whether your truck is big or small, we’ll take it. Below is a list of some of the truck brands we usually remove and dismantle. If you can’t find your make or model in the list, all is not lost. Just contact us through 07 3059 9780 or fill out the form to the right to find out if we’ll take it. Chances are, we will.

Ford – Hino – Isuzu – Leyland – Mack – Nissan – Renault – Scania – Toyota – Volvo


 Vehicles We Remove, Wreck and Recycle

At Cash For Cars Removal Brisbane, we make it our business to give you the best cash for cars (or trucks, vans and 4x4s) offer. We’ll take just about any car in just about any condition. So even if your vehicle has been stalled and sitting in your garage gathering dust and a host of creepy crawlies, we’ll be willing to give you a quote for it and take it off your hands without any cost to you. Now isn’t that a great proposition?

Below are the different brands and models we regularly remove, wreck and recycle. And if you can’t find your unit in the list, do give us a call at 07 3059 9780 or fill out the form to the right to find out if we will take the unit. Anywhere in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast- if you have a vehicle to dispose of, we can give you cash for it and take it off your hands. It’s that simple.

Toyota – Altezza – Camry – Celica – Corolla – Dyna – Echo – Estima/Previa – Hiace and other vans – Highlander/Kluger – Hilux – Noah – Prius – Rav4 – Startlet – Supra – Yaris – Ford – Escort – F Series – Fairmont – Falcon – Festiva – Fiesta – Laser – Mondeo – Mustang – Ranger – Territory – Holden/HSV – Astra – Barina – Camira – Caprice – Colorado – Commadore – Frontera – HQ Kingswood – Monaro – Rodeo – Statesman – All HSV Models – Japanese Models – Daihatsu – Honda – Isuzu – Mazda – Mitsubishi – Nissan – Subaru – Suzuki – European Models – Alfa Romeo – Audi – BMW – Fiat – Mercedes-Benz – Porsche – Renault – Volkswagen (VW) – American Models – Chevrolet – Chrysler – Dodge – Ford – GMC – Hummer – Jeep – Pontiac

Whatever the model in whatever condition, there’s a very good chance we can make that rusty old vehicle work for you yet- by turning it into the cash that you need. And remember, just because your model isn’t listed here, doesn’t mean we won’t take it. Just give us a call to find out- you’ve got nothing to lose.

Get a Quote

Converting your rundown or out of commission vehicles into cash has never been easier. All you need to do to get a free quote is contact us through 07 3059 9780 or by filling out the form to the right with all the details. Our quotes are fair and top notch. You can get up to $6,000 for your unit and we’ll even remove it for you for free. Can it get any easier?

Free Removal Service

Just when you thought getting cash for cars was great, it just got even better.  We will remove your car from anywhere in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast totally free of charge. How’s that for service? Call us through 07 3059 9780 or fill out the form of the right with the details to schedule the removal.

Cash for Car Perth


Cash For Car Removal

Why choose cash for car removal brisbane

  • Upto $6500 Paid Cash on the spot for Cars
  • Free pick-up of vehicles incl. Junk, Scrap, Unwanted, Old and damaged.
  • $6500+ Paid for Commercials Vehicles incl. Van Utes, Trucks
  • We service all areas of Brisbane QLD
  • Collects vehicles 24 hours a day
  • Provides all the paperwork
FAQ Image

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you still have questions, you can find all of the answers here.

What documents do i need to have?

To get our top quality Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane services, you will need to provide us the following:

  • Your own personal identification
  • Vehicle papers
  • Title

The vehicle must not be involved in any kind of criminal or illegal activities for us to offer instant cash for it and remove it from your parked locations.

How will i get paid?

Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane has made the process very simple and basic. Once you vehicle is inspected and checked for validity, our agents will offer you on-spot cash that will be handed out to you once all paperwork is signed.

What will happen to my scrap car?

The whole car will be examined for workable parts. Next step is to dismantle it and use the good condition parts for other vehicles and recycle all the rest of the materials including metals, seats and interior parts and materials.

What types of vehicle do you remove?

The superior Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane offers instant cash for cars services with no certain limitation or preference for any types and makes of vehicles. Cars, Utes, Trucks, Buses, SUVs and many more types of vehicles from all makes with all models are accepted with our removal services as long as you can provide the above mentioned documents for them.

We cover all of Queensland

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Inner suburbs

Bowen Hills – Brisbane – East Brisbane – Fortitude Valley – Herston – Highgate Hill – Kangaroo Point – Kelvin Grove – New Farm – Newstead – Paddington – Petrie Terrace – Red Hill – South Brisbane – Spring Hill – Teneriffe – West End – Woolloongabba – Gold Coast

Cash For Car Removals Northern suburbs
Albion – Alderley – Ascot – Aspley – Bald Hills – Banyo – Boondall – Bracken Ridge – Bridgeman Downs – Brighton – Brisbane Airport – Carseldine – Chermside – Chermside West – Clayfield – Deagon – Eagle Farm – Everton Park – Fitzgibbon – Gaythorne – Geebung – Gordon Park – Grange – Hamilton – Hendra – Kalinga– Kedron – Keperra – Lutwyche – McDowall – Mitchelton – Myrtletown – Newmarket – Northgate – Nudgee – Nudgee Beach – Nundah – Pinkenba – Sandgate – Shorncliffe – Stafford – Stafford Heights – Taigum – Virginia – Wavell Heights – Wilston – Windsor – Wooloowin – Zillmere

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Acacia Ridge – Algester – Annerley – Archerfield – Burbank – Calamvale – Coopers Plains – Darra – Doolandella – Drewvale – Durack – Dutton Park – Eight Mile Plains – Ellen Grove – Fairfield – Forest Lake – Greenslopes – Heathwood – Holland Park – Holland Park West – Inala – Karawatha – Kuraby – Larapinta – Macgregor – Mackenzie – Mansfield – Moorooka – Mount Gravatt – Mount Gravatt East – Nathan – Pallara – Parkinson – Richlands – Robertson – Rochedale – Rocklea – Runcorn – Salisbury – Seventeen Mile Rocks – Sinnamon Park – Stretton – Sumner – Sunnybank – Sunnybank Hills – Tarragindi – Tennyson – Upper Mount Gravatt – Wacol – Willawong – Wishart – Yeerongpilly – Yeronga

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Balmoral – Belmont – Bulimba – Camp Hill – Cannon Hill – Carina – Carindale – Chandler – Coorparoo – Gumdale – Hawthorne – Hemmant – Lota – Lytton – Manly – Manly West – Moreton Island – Morningside – Murarrie – Norman Park – Port of Brisbane – Ransome – Seven Hills – Tingalpa – Wakerley – Wynnum – Wynnum West

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Urban Ipswich
Augustine Heights – Barellan Point – Basin Pocket – Bellbird Park – Blacksoil – Blackstone – Booval – Brassall – Brookwater – Bundamba – Camira – Carole Park – Churchill – Chuwar – Coalfalls – Collingwood Park – Dinmore – East Ipswich – Eastern Heights – Ebbw Vale – Flinders View – Gailes – Goodna – Ipswich – Karalee – Karrabin – Leichhardt – Moores Pocket – Muirlea – New Chum – Newtown – North Booval – North Ipswich – North Tivoli – One Mile – Raceview – Redbank – Redbank Plains – Riverview – Sadliers Crossing – Silkstone – Springfield – Springfield Central – Springfield Lakes – Tivoli – West Ipswich – Woodend – Wulkuraka – Yamanto

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Amberley – Ashwell – Calvert – Deebing Heights – Ebenezer – Goolman – Grandchester – Haigslea – Ironbark – Jeebropilly – Lanefield – Marburg – Mount Forbes – Mount Marrow – Mutdapilly – Pine Mountain – Purga – Ripley – Rosewood – South Ripley – Spring Mountain – Swanbank – Tallegalla – Thagoona – The Bluff – Walloon – White Rock – Willowbank – Woolshed

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Bahrs Scrub – Bannockburn – Beenleigh – Belivah – Berrinba – Bethania – Boronia Heights – Browns Plains – Buccan – Carbrook – Cedar Creek – Cedar Grove – Cedar Vale – Chambers Flat – Cornubia – Crestmead – Daisy Hill – Eagleby – Edens Landing – Forestdale – Greenbank – Heritage Park – Hillcrest – Holmview – Jimboomba – Kagaru – Kingston – Logan Central – Logan Reserve – Logan Village – Loganholme – Loganlea – Lyons – Marsden – Meadowbrook – Mount Warren Park – Mundoolun – Munruben – New Beith – North Maclean – Park Ridge South – Park Ridge – Priestdale – Regents Park – Rochedale South – Shailer Park – Slacks Creek – South Maclean – Springwood – Stockleigh – Tamborine – Tanah Merah – Underwood – Undullah – Veresdale Scrub – Veresdale – Waterford West – Waterford – Windaroo – Wolffdene – Woodhill – Woodridge – Yarrabilba

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Alexandra Hills – Amity Point – Birkdale – Capalaba – Cleveland – Coochiemudlo Island – Dunwich – Karragarra Island – Lamb Island – Macleay Island – Mount Cotton – North Stradbroke Island – Ormiston – Point Lookout – Redland Bay – Russell Island – Sheldon – Thorneside – Thornlands – Victoria Point – Wellington Point

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Albany Creek – Arana Hills – Banksia Beach – Beachmere – Bellara – Bongaree – Bray Park – Brendale – Bunya – Burpengary – Caboolture – Caboolture South – Cashmere – Clontarf – Dakabin – Deception Bay – Eatons Hill – Elimbah – Everton Hills – Ferny Hills – Godwin Beach – Griffin – Joyner – Kallangur – Kippa-Ring – Kurwongbah – Lawnton – Mango Hill – Margate – Moodlu – Morayfield – Murrumba Downs – Narangba – Newport – Ningi – North Lakes – Petrie – Redcliffe – Rothwell – Sandstone Point – Scarborough – Strathpine – Upper Caboolture – Warner – Whiteside – Woody Point – Woorim

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Armstrong Creek – Bellmere – Bellthorpe – Booroobin – Bracalba – Camp Mountain – Campbells Pocket – Cedar Creek – Cedarton – Clear Mountain – Closeburn – Commissioners Flat – D’Aguilar – Dayboro – Delaneys Creek – Donnybrook – Draper – Highvale – Jollys Lookout – King Scrub – Kobble Creek – Laceys Creek – Meldale – Moorina – Mount Delaney – Mount Glorious – Mount Mee – Mount Nebo – Mount Pleasant – Mount Samson – Neurum – Ocean View – Rocksberg – Rush Creek – Samford Valley – Samford Village – Samsonvale – Stanmore – Stony Creek – Toorbul – Wamuran Basin – Wamuran – Welsby – White Patch – Wights Mountain – Woodford – Yugar